Finding The Best UK Dry Dog Food

A Guide to Providing the Best Nutritious Food for Your Dog Doggy Diets: What Your Dog Needs to Eat to Stay Healthy In many ways, dogs are quite similar to humans. Like us, they are omnivorous, and consume not only meat, but also vegetables and grains. Like humans, they also require a balanced diet, to

Does My Parrot Need A Shower?

Face it, our feathered friends, Parrots, Parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds are no different from us really – they get dirty, and they need to keep clean to feel comfortable and healthy.  All parrot species have the tendency to build up a lot of dust and dander on their feathers, which results in dust being spread through

A Quick Guide to Dog Toys

All dog owners will completely understand that opening statement. Dogs can be unbelievably fussy when it comes to dog toys, and a very common complaint about dog owners is that their four-legged friends so often seem to reject the toys that are bought for them. What toy to buy? It helps to know what sort